Brixton crush victim’s partner says someone should be found responsible

The partner of one of the people who died after the O2 Brixton Academy was crushed has demanded justice for the victims of the disaster, insisting someone must be ‘responsible’ for what happened.

Gabe Hutchinson, 23, died after fans tried to take part in a performance by Nigerian artist Asake at a south London venue on December 15.

Hutchinson, who used the pronouns they and they, was working as a trainer for the concert’s security dogs. They died on December 19 of their injuries.

Their partner, Phoebe Turley, 25, told the Palestinian news agency Media: “Things like this should not have happened.

“Every action has a reaction and this result comes from people showing up without tickets or showing up trying to break through the door. Why? What purpose did that serve? Because now you’ve killed innocent people.”

Rebecca Ecomelo, 33, from Newham, east London, died on 17 December. The third victim is still in critical condition.

Rebecca Ecomelo, who died on December 17. Photo: Family Handout/PA

“They don’t deserve this,” Turley said. “Justice needs to be done and someone needs to be held accountable for what happened. Not just to Gabby, but to Rebecca as well.”

The couple, from Gravesend, have been together for more than three years, after meeting mutual friends. Turley praises her partner, saying he is the nicest person she has ever known.

“They were just such a good guy,” Turley said. Gabe literally would do anything for anyone at the drop of a hat.

Hutchinson was a trainer for security dogs.
Hutchinson was a trainer for security dogs. Photo: Metropolitan Police/Palestinian Authority

“It didn’t bother them about who you are; Gabe would give you the shirt off his back if someone else needed it. And they’ve been that way our entire relationship. They’ve done everything for me from the moment we met.”

On the night of the tragedy, Gabe was working the concert with their security dog, Coco, a three-year-old German Shepherd. This was the first time they had worked in the venue.

Turley said she realized something was wrong when her partner stopped responding to her messages.

“The last thing they said to me was, ‘I’ll wake you up when I’m home.’” Turley said, “I had this feeling inside of me the whole time that something wasn’t right.”

“Normally, they would still answer here and there when they got five minutes, and I didn’t hear a thing. Then I got a phone call from a number I don’t know. It was their manager who said, ‘You need to get to St. Thomas’ and I was like, ‘What happened? ?

No one was aware of the situation at that point. He obviously got a little bit of a tip since he wasn’t at the event. And then we all got to St. Thomas as fast as we could.”

Hutchinson died of his injuries four days later.

The Metropolitan Police launched an investigation.

O2 Academy Brixton’s license has been suspended until 16 January, when it will hold a full hearing. Five shows will be canceled as a result.

Turley and a family friend set up two crowdfunding pages to help pay for the funeral. To date, more than £5,500 has been raised.

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