An Aer Lingus emergency flight as the plane to Dublin turns around due to the fire

A transatlantic flight from New York to Dublin had to turn back after it developed engine trouble. Aer Lingus Flight EI106 from New York’s JFK International Airport has reportedly returned to Dublin Airport, after passengers reported an engine fire.

Although the plane made it safely back to New York, many passengers were left angry when the airline failed to brief them on recovery flights, and many expected to miss Christmas with their families as a result.

An Aer Lingus spokesperson said the flight back to New York was canceled due to a “technical problem with the aircraft”.

When asked about previous messages sent to passengers that indicated the recovery flight would take off at 8.30am local time, the airline said “this message was sent in error”.

The airline told Dublin Live: “Air Lingus teams are currently working to re-accommodate all passengers with alternative flight arrangements and are seeking to ensure all customers leave New York by the evening of 25 December.

“Their alternative flight arrangements have been confirmed for the majority of passengers, and we are working through the rest to ensure everyone has confidence about their re-accommodation arrangements.

“We are also working on booking hotel accommodation for clients who need to stay overnight before they leave.

“We sincerely apologize for this disruption to customers’ Christmas travel plans and aim to get them to their destination as soon as possible.”

Kathryn Tolan, a passenger on the flight from Co Leitrim, told RTÉ that there were “five or six big explosions”.

The woman, who has lived in the United States for the past 10 years, said she initially thought birds had hit the engine.

“I was actually right on the wing, looking at it, and we were only in the air for a few minutes and there were maybe 5-6 very big bangs,” she said.

“My first thought was ‘Did birds fly into the turbines?'” It was successive big flashes and then the right engine caught fire momentarily after each explosion.”

She said the pilot alerted the passengers to the problem, before telling them that while the situation was being addressed, they could not continue any further, and they had to return to JFK.

“No one was really speaking, everyone was in shock,” she said.

A number of passengers flying home for Christmas have taken to social media claiming they have not received any updates from Aer Lingus about refund flights.

Irish footballer Jimmy Finn wrote on Twitter: “Hi @aerlingus, can you help us please? Our EI106 had to make an emergency landing and now we are stuck at JFK with no update?

“We have been advised that there is a recovery flight coming up but we have also been informed that there is no flight until December 26th!!!!!”

Ms Toolan also added to RTÉ: “There is a possibility to go home, but not anytime at Christmas.

“We’re standing in the departure lounge eating while waiting to hear anything from Aer Lingus”

“If they just said ‘sorry no recovery flight, go home and next flight on December 27th’, that’s fine, but you told us there was a recovery flight, they literally told us they were going to be sent on an empty plane, and we have to get the crew home too.” “.

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