People Angry Like LadBaby Earn No. 1 Christmas for the Fifth Time in a Row With “Terrifying” Song

The recent announcement that LadBaby has recorded their first Christmas song for the fifth year in a row has people outraged.

Since last week’s Mark and Roxanne Howell released Mark and Roxanne Howell’s latest charity single “Food Aid,” a parody of Band Aid’s 1984 charity song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Is characterized by This morningMoney expert Martin Lewis, the duet song LadBaby sold 65,000 units.

On Friday (December 23), the British duo took home a trophy after their new single became the best-selling fast track of 2022.

And now, not only have they become the most-characterized Christmas song in the 70-year history of the Official Charts, but this latest victory made them the first act ever to score the honor for the fifth year in a row.

They had previously shared the record with the Beatles, who took first place in 1963, 1964, 1965 and 1967.

Fifty percent of the profits from the song will be donated to the food bank charity The Trussell Trust, while the remaining half will go to the Band Aid Trust.

After LadBaby won, some people took to Twitter to vent their anger.

“Please, my dear God, how is LadBaby #1 birthday again?! British public opinion cannot be trusted with anything,” someone wrote.

“What is wrong with people?” Interrogate author Richard Littler. “You do realize that you can donate money directly to charity, right?”

Chris Allan tweeted, “Five consecutive LadBaby Christmas No 1s is what you get as a country when you haven’t invested in art and culture for over a decade.”

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Radio host and journalist Ross Buchanan said, “Christmas #1 LadBaby is a fun annual reminder that Facebook moms and iPad kids can put an absolute chokehold on the music industry when they want to.”

Another found that “the idea of ​​some Tory-voting millionaires singing ‘Feed the UK’, while still not saying how much money they donate to food banks”, adding that LadBaby’s song was “absolutely appalling”.

One was “a little sick” of “LadBaby being pushed out every year to normalize food banks instead of calling out the very government they voted for”.

“I’m a big let-people-enjoy-things guy,” said another, “but I simply wouldn’t let anyone enjoy LadBaby.”

One argued that “the same people who got LadBaby No. 1 definitely voted for Matt Hancock I’m a celebrity“.

In an interview with Watchman In 2019, Hoyle said he believed the Conservatives would “do a great job” and that the public should believe that the “right people” are being voted on. He reportedly refused to disclose who voted.

The Independent Contact LadBaby for feedback.

Others on social media defended the duo and said that they “still help raise money for charity, which is a good thing, right?”.

“What’s wrong with LadBaby being No. 1?” another asked. “I thought it was a good thing for a charity single to reach No. 1.”

Celebrating their achievement, LadBaby told “I can’t quite believe it! We’re No. 1! The charity has made it five years in a row. How do we do this again?”

“We want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us over the past 5 years. A huge apology to The Beatles, and to all the Beatles fans… I’m sorry! The charity wins. The Trussell Trust gets Christmas No. 1 again!”


Just last year, comedy rock group The K***s were slammed by LadBaby for trying to land a Christmas No. 1 hit with a song aimed at former Prime Minister Boris Johnson, titled “Boris Johnson Still Hurts ***.”.

LadBaby rose to the top of the 2021 charts with “Sausage Rolls for Everyone” featuring Ed Sheeran and Elton John. The first time they hit the number one spot was in 2018 with “We Build This City,” followed by “I Love Sausage Rolls” in 2019 and “Don’t Stop Me Eatin'” in 2020.

It was Taylor Swift’s No. 1 album “Christmas” this year midnight.

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