Forget Freeview! 5 Simple Hack Methods to Stream Premium TV Shows and Movies for Free

There are 5 simple ways to get free TV (Photo: Free View • Getty)

Freeview may have just announced that it now offers more free content than ever before, but if you still can’t find enough stuff to watch, there are plenty of alternatives. All premium platforms such as Apple TV+, Prime Video and even Disney+ can be watched – for a limited time – without paying a high price plus there are other free platforms that offer endless entertainment without the need for a credit card. If that sounds tempting, and you’d like to boost your Christmas party spells, here’s what’s on offer, the movies and shows included and how to watch them for free.

+ Apple TV

Apple TV+ launched in 2019 and is now home to a wealth of award-winning content. This service includes top-rated comedies like Ted Lasso along with the Oscar-winning CODA and the new festive film “Spirited” starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.

Apple TV + can be watched on devices such as the iPhone and iPad along with most smart TVs from the likes of Samsung, LG, and Sky.

It’s normally £6.99 per month, but there are plenty of ways to get a free trial.

Apple itself offers seven days for free, but there are also better options with Sky currently breaking in 6 months of massive access for VIP members and anyone with an LG TV can also get 3 months without paying the usual subscription fee.

The popular offer is available to anyone with an LG Smart TV released between 2018 and 2022.

Customers who own one of these goggleboxes simply need to launch the Apple TV+ app on screen and then follow the onscreen guide to redeem free access.

+ Apple TV

Sky and LG users can get Apple TV for free (photo: APPLE)

Prime Video and Disney+ free trial

Prime Video and Disney+ both offer hours of blockbusters and top-rated box sets. And those who run Prime Video can watch movies like “The Holiday” starring Cameron Diaz, the Bond thriller “No Time to Die” and all the “Borat” movies. There are also shows like “The Grand Tour”, “Jack Ryan” and the fantasy epic “The Rings of Power”.

As an added bonus, Prime shows a huge selection of Boxing Day Premier League matches including Arsenal v West Ham vs Brentford v Spurs showdowns.

Anyone new to Prime can sign up for a month free with O2 which is currently offering six months access when customers choose the service as O2 Extra.

Sign up for free Prime here

If Disney+ is what your family craves, there are also deals to be had on the award-winning streaming service. Although the Disney+ free trial has now ended, homes can still access via free offers from O2 and Samsung.

Tesco Clubcard members can also sign up now and get three months of access for just £8 – that’s basically the same as getting two months free.


Amazon launched Freevee, formerly IMDb TV, earlier this year with TV owners able to settle in for an evening of entertainment without having to take out a credit card.

This free-to-watch platform includes a huge library of movies along with classic and favorite TV shows like Les Misérables, The Voices, Person of Interest, and The Closer.

Viewers will also find the recently launched crime drama Bosch: Legacy and a new home design series Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis as well as upcoming premieres of the service’s first original film, Love Accidentally.

The Amazon Freevee app is available across Google TV and other Android TV OS devices including Sony, Panasonic, Hisense, Phillips, Sharp, Vestel, Nvidia, Xiaomi, and TCL.


Freevee from Amazon is completely free to watch (photo: FREEVEE)

Roku TV

If you opened your Roku streaming device this morning, there’s good news. These streaming tools include complete free access to the Roku TV channel which offers movies, shows and box sets with no subscription required.

There are even Roku Originals to watch and they are exclusively available on this service and nowhere else.

Besides Roku devices such as the Roku Streaming Stick and Roku Streambar, the Roku Channel also runs on the Sky and NOW platforms.

Peacock and Paramount +

If you have Sky, you can watch hours of extra entertainment on Peakcock for free.

Peacock features a range of premium content including The Office, Rutherford Falls, Saved by the Bell, Equalizer, Young Rock, Kardashians, Suits, Downton Abbey, and more.

Despite being a premium offering, Comcast owners say there are no extra fees to pay for those who want to watch via their new Sky Q box, Glass TV or Stream device, and there’s also good news for NOW (formerly NOW TV) users Peacock is also available on This streaming platform too.

This isn’t the only bonus for Sky customers such as Paramount+, which is now offering Top Gun: Maverick, and it’s also free for anyone who subscribes to Sky Cinema.

All users need to do is launch the app and log in to access blockbuster movies, exclusive box sets, and more.


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