Worst Malayalam Movies of 2022 Mohanlal tops the list

As Malayalam cinema continues to amaze audiences across the world with its myriad human stories, there has also been a steady stream of brain dead films in 2022. Much to the concern of Malayalam film lovers, Mohanlal leads the category with the highest number of bad films in this category. the list. The 62-year-old star is celebrated as the “complete actor” for his ability to take on all kinds of roles across the spectrum with great ease and conviction. However, this year he made several bad choices that, in a way, humiliated everything he’d accomplished in a career spanning more than four decades.

Some of Mohanlal’s choices were so awful that they tested our goodwill and admiration for him. If not for Mohanlal’s towering status in Hindi cinema, such choices would have ended his career. The entire country seems to be aware of the legendary status of Mohanlal in the history of Indian cinema except for the star himself. To say his films this year have been disappointing is an understatement. They dishonored his sprawling legacy.

Mohanlal is alone.

These are the worst movies made in Malayalam in 2022.


Arato Mohanlal in Aaraattu.

This is the work of an elusive filmmaker and this film reminds us of the most declining phase of Malayalam cinema (read the full 2000s). The only thing you will remember about this movie is the name of the main character, Nyatinkara Joban. This is because Mohanlal repeats it constantly throughout the movie, so you remember it by the time the credits start to roll. It’s a wreck.


monster Mohanlal in the Beast.

Watching this movie is an emotionally exhausting task. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see a legend like Mohanlal embarrass himself by working so hard to breathe life into this dead on arrival film. It is a disgrace to Mohanlal’s filmography.

12 man

Mohanlal in The Twelfth Man.

Right after taking the ball out of the park with Drishyam 2, Mohanlal and Jeethu Joseph go out and make this unfortunate excuse for a movie. The duo wanted to pull off a minimalistic detective story under the shadow of the Covid-19 lockdown. Jeethu directed this movie clearly inspired by the stories written by Agatha Christie. But the film lacks the usual flair and emotional investment that characterizes Jeethu’s previous films. It is completely useless.

Saturday night

Saturday night poster.

Directed by Roshan Andrews Karthi. It’s a deafening, one-sided party pity for a group of reckless divers. It was meant to teach us how to live life to the fullest. Instead, it turns out to be a case study on how not to make a movie in the slice-of-life genre.


Prithviraj Prithviraj in a still of Kaduva.

No matter what this movie’s box office numbers say, it’s a bad movie. Prithviraj Sukumaran can flaunt his good looks in a mundu and T-shirt, while we get a migraine-inducing revenge drama in the cloak of a political thriller.

Lalitham Sundaram

Lalitham Sundaram poster.

Wannabe Kapoor & Sons, I got so bogged down by the buzz that it became a punishment for staying with the movie till the end.


Therbo Theerppu sticker.

A creator fails when he intends to create something to show how smart he is instead of honestly expressing his imagination and feelings. Movies that emerge from such an exercise in vanity are always down to earth, and Theerppu is no exception. Writer Murali Gopi jams the plot with many ideas to show his nuanced understanding of global politics and the major ideologies that govern them. It is repugnant.

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