Meghan Markle has been accused of “showing contempt” for the UK in the Netflix series

Meghan Markle has been accused of “showing contempt” for the United Kingdom and “overtly mocking” the British people during her series of Netflix documentaries. During one of the previous episodes, Meghan joked about having to belittle the late Queen after Prince Harry recounted the conversation he had with his wife when he first introduced her to Her Majesty. Large portions of the documentary series see the couple detailing how they are now able to live a calmer and happier life with their two young children in California and not be harassed by the British press.

In one clip, Harry made a reference to “institutional gaslighting” before Meghan stormed out, telling the camera: “I wasn’t being thrown to the wolves, I was being fed to the wolves.”

Megan also opens up about her move to the US and says, “Our security has been pulled. Everyone in the world knows where we are.” “I said, ‘We have to get out of here,'” Harry added.

The sixth and final episode also sees the Duke boarding his private jet at 6 am on March 14, 2020 and saying, “We are on the Freedom Ride. We are leaving Canada and heading to Los Angeles.”

But Neil Gardiner, a Washington-based foreign policy expert and royal enthusiast, revolted in an exclusive interview with “When Meghan talks about their security being pulled down and fed to the wolves, what we’re seeing is the victim being dropped by her.

“This whole idea is that she is a victim of abuse by the royal family, but she is also a victim of the treatment of the British people.

She has an obvious vendetta against the British media, but she also smacks of contempt for Britain. Some of the clips are grossly insulting, not only to the British monarchy, but also to the British people.

“The notion of fleeing persecution in Britain is quite ludicrous. It portrays this as a kind of ‘flight of freedom’ and that is plain and blunt mockery of Great Britain and the British people.”

Gardiner believes the Netflix documentary led to an “angry backlash against Meghan and Harry in the UK” that destroyed any goodwill they had with the British public.

He also claimed that the series was “not only an affront to the royal family, but a slap in the face to the British people as well”.

And the royal family fan continued: “This documentary series is an explicit attempt to tarnish the image of the British monarchy, and it will lead to an angry reaction against Meghan and Harry in the United Kingdom.

“The monarchy represents the British people. This Netflix documentary is not only an insult to the royal family, but a slap in the face to the British people too.

“This documentary will be seen as a gross betrayal of the royal family and will be seen as an all-out attack against the British monarchy.”

Mr Gardiner added: “This is a very short bridge for Meghan and Harry with the royal family. There is now no turning back from their recent vicious attacks.

“They have spectacularly burned any remaining bridges with Buckingham Palace, but remarkably, they have completely destroyed any remaining good will that might have existed among the British people.”

During the documentary series, Harry alleged that Kensington Palace “lied to protect” Prince William when he released a joint statement in their names on the same day that he claimed was without his permission, denying a story that his brother had removed him from the royal family. family.

Harry also claimed his brother left him horrified when he yelled and yelled at him, while the Duke also accused his father, King Charles III, of saying untrue things when the Queen brought them together at Sandringham in January 2020 to resolve the ‘Megist’ crisis.

The Duke of Sussex has also accused his father, King Charles, of “saying things that simply weren’t true” while claiming his plan to partially depart from royal duties was rejected.

In episode five, he said: “I went in with the same proposal we had already made publicly, but once I got there I was given five options — one all in, no change, and five all out.

“I chose the third option at the meeting – half in, half out. We have our own jobs but we also work to support the Queen. It became very quickly clear that the objective was not up for discussion or debate.

“It was terrifying for my brother to yell and yell at me and my dad to say things that simply weren’t true. And my grandmother, you know, just sits quietly there and takes it all in.

“But you have to understand that, from a family’s perspective, especially from her perspective, there are ways of doing things and that the institution is the institution, kind of, its mission, its purpose/responsibility.”

Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace said they would not comment on claims and allegations made by Harry and Meghan in the final episodes of their Netflix documentary series.

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