The King is unlikely to shy away from faith and diversity in his first Christmas message

Faith and religious diversity are not topics the king “abandons” and are likely to be taken up in his first Christmas message, according to a religious leader who has spent time with him in recent weeks.

Archbishop Angelos, the Coptic Orthodox Archbishop of London and papal legate to the UK, attended a series of ceremonial events with the monarch, including an advent service at Kings Cross in London and Carroll Service hosted it Princess of Wales in Westminster Abbey.

Although the contents of the King’s letter are always kept secret until Christmas Day, the Archbishop told Sky News he would be surprised if king He doesn’t allude to his faith and the faith of others because he knows “this is important to people,” despite recent reports of dwindling congregations and a decline in religious worship.

The Archbishop said: “On the ground, we know that faith, religion and dogma are important to people, so if the king knew that this was important to people I think he would talk about it.

“The King’s language of benediction and Christmas, his appreciation for the work of Christian groups and religious communities in the world, and the wider community in difficult times, are all indications that he is not giving up on faith.

“I am sure we will all be happy [by his message]. “

in recent weeks Netflix A documentary series and allegations of racism at an event at the palace have led to increased scrutiny of how the royal family addresses issues around diversity and inclusion.

Archbishop Angelos stressed the global anticipation over the King’s first letter, saying: “I know His Majesty will have in mind that we have expectations, not only of us as Britain or the Commonwealth of Nations but of the whole world.”

“And so he’s constantly gauging what that expectation is with what he wants to say, who he is and what he’s going to give…and I’m sure he’ll be very true to himself.”

Archbishop Angelos

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Buckingham Palace last night released a picture of the monarch, taken while recording his Christmas message inside St George’s Chapel in Windsor where the Queen was buried in September this year.

For 70 years, it was his mother who addressed the nation on Christmas Day and made it such a popular Christmas tradition that for many they sit and watch with their families.

Another tradition the royals are returning to this year is spending the holidays at Sandringham in Norfolk.

For two years they didn’t go due to COVID restrictions, but again this year crowds will be allowed inside the grounds to watch them march to church.

Homegrown Karen Anvil, who became famous for snapping a photo of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan in 2017 that ended up all over the tabloids, will be joining the waiting lists with her daughter, Rachel.

She told Sky News she can’t wait to get the royals back, especially after the Queen’s death and problems with the royal family Sussex.

The Royal Family at a Christmas Carol Service together at Westminster Abbey
The royal family at a carol service in Westminster Abbey this week

“With the sad news of the Queen, we didn’t think they would come but sticking to tradition and who knew Prince Louis might come for the first time.

“I think it would be mixed feelings if I were completely honest with you,” she said, but added: “I think people are on board with the royal family, supportive of this new royal family moving forward, and again we are all together.

“It’s been a tough few years for many reasons, but we’re very happy that things will be normal, they’re back and we want them again.”

The family will walk to St. Mary Magdalene Church as usual on Christmas morning.

The king’s message will be broadcast at the usual time of three in the afternoon.

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