Coronation Street broadcasts the outcome of Tyrone and Fiz’s wedding storyline

Coronation Street Spoilers follow for the Christmas special.

Coronation StreetTyrone Dobbs and Fiz Stape finally tied the knot in a romantic episode on Christmas Day.

The couple took center stage in the main festive storyline of this year’s ITV1 soap, which saw Tyrone secretly plan the December 25 ceremony to marry Fiz.

Tyrone has spent the past few weeks keeping Fiz in the dark while he makes preparations with the help of family and friends. Keen to keep the secret, Tyrone lets Fiz slip by thinking he has nothing special planned for Christmas Day.

The mechanic’s deception worked very well, with Fiz feeling annoyed by Tyrone’s apparent lack of interest in the holiday season. The last straw came when he mischievously presented her with a box of chocolates and a key ring as a frosty birthday present.

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Fiz heads out to buy a turkey at the last minute, ignoring Tyrone’s suggestion of pizza for the Christmas meal. Her trip ends in disaster when her car breaks down on a country road.

Tyrone optimistically drove to the wedding venue in the hope that Fiz would return on time, but he gradually lost faith and sent the guests away.

With Fiz still oblivious to what was going on in the house, she stops a passing pedestrian to explain her car predicament. The man – dressed in red – turns out to be a mysterious Santa-style figure named Kris Pringle.


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Chris directed Fiz to a phone box a mile away and suggested she call the car recovery number from Tyrone’s keyring. Fiz realized that fate was on her side as Chris points out that this clearly wasn’t a bad gift at all.

After Chris’ intervention and a quick roadside rescue from Kevin Webster, Fiz made her way to the Chariot Square Hotel to exchange her vows with Tyrone.

Tyrone Dobbs at the wedding in Coronation Street


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Later, spirits are high in Rovers Return where Tyrone and Fiz are introduced as husband and wife.

At the end of the evening, Tyrone and Fiz head out for a night at Debbie Webster’s hotel.

Christmas magic was in the air as Fiz was surprised to see an unexplained glimpse of her savior, Chris, on the gravel as the car pulled off for the ride.

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