Railway workers, Border Force employees and driving examiners are resuming the strike

Rail workers, Border Force employees and driving examiners are resuming the strike today, with commuters warned of serious delays when they return to work.

come after Travel chaos day Although a rail strike by the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) workers union is about to end, with crowds left waiting at mainline train stations across London and many flights delayed by late deliveries of engineering works.

Here is a list of those who went on strike today:
Great Western Railway’s Transport Employees Association (TSSA) members will be out from noon to 11.59am on Thursday
• West Midlands trains will run for 24 hours from noon until the same time on Thursday
• Examinees from the Public and Commercial Services (PCS) union at 71 test centers will start a five-day strike
• Border Force officers in the same union will start a four-day strike at six airports

Railway unions have gone on strike over a dispute with the government and railway companies over wages, job cuts and changes to terms and conditions, saying they should be given a wage offer that reflects the rising cost of living.

West Midlands Trains said none of its services will be running from Wednesday morning as a result of the TSSA strike.

Nadine Rae, TSSA’s organizing director, said its members were “sick and tired of being taken for granted” and “deserved a pay raise to manage the escalating cost of living”.

“The company, like all train operators under DoT control, needs to face the fact that only serious bids that meet our aspirations will end this dispute,” she said.

Put some money on the table

Network Rail told passengers to prepare for “significantly disrupted” travel in the new year amid a wave of industrial unrest.

At the same time, driving instructors, who are part of the PCS consortium and staffed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, will emerge from testing centers across the East of England and the Midlands.

They are scheduled to return to work on January 1.

“Our members were offered a wage increase of just 2% at a time when the cost of living crisis exceeded 10%,” said Mark Sirotka, general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

“These strikes could be called off tomorrow if Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt put some money on the table.”

Border guard officers The airports of Gatwick, Heathrow, Birmingham, Cardiff, Manchester and Glasgow and the port of Newhaven will resume strikes in the same dispute, and will return to work on New Year’s Eve.

A Home Office spokesperson said passengers should expect disruption during the event, but added that staff were “working hard to ensure passengers have a safe and secure journey”.

“We continue to work closely with port operators at the local and national levels to minimize disruption as well as ensure ports are prepared to put in place passenger welfare provisions in the event of long queues,” they added.

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What is industrial work?

Just two “border guards” on duty

Last night, passengers on the Eurostar service from Brussels to London were delayed by more than three hours, with only two stops for the British Border Force.

They were told to come down to check their tickets and documents in Lille because an “intruder” was believed to be on the train.

One passenger told Sky News: “There was a huge queue, it took a while.

“There were two or three French border agents checking passports when we left the EU for the second time, and only two British Border Agency staff checking passports to enter the UK in Lille.

“We were told there was an ‘intruder’ in the secure area just around the time of departure.”

The footage shows commuters queuing up at Lille Europe station, where a number of UK Border Force stations have been unmanned.
Commuters line up at Lille Europe station, where a number of UK Border Force stations have been unmanned

Unions are trying to find ways to launch more strikes

Meanwhile, trade unions are looking for ways to mount more strikes by dividing ballots by job titles rather than taking a single vote, according to reports.

i reported that the TSSA is preparing to allow different sections of its members to vote at different times in order to hold multiple strikes per week.

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The Department for Transport called the reports “incredibly disappointing” and urged unions to “step back, reconsider and return to the negotiating table”.

A spokesperson said: “After two years of virtual Christmases, the British public deserve better than to have their festive celebrations affected by strikes.”

“The Minister for Transport and the Minister for Railways have worked very hard to facilitate a fair and reasonable offer, two unions have accepted it and it is incredibly disappointing that some have gone on strike.”

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