9 Things To Know Before Starting Forspoken

prophesiedSquare Enix’s particle effects offering that comes with an aspect of a high fantasy RPG is probably unlike any game you’ve played before. You can use “magic parkour” to move around a world from another dimension where the rules of physics don’t apply. Forget gear – you can juggle dozens of spells at once. Also, your talking handcuff buddy named Ah, Slap.

But despite its strangeness, prophesied It has undeniable charm – one of those RPGs that looks destined for cult classic status in five years’ time. If you hop on the train early (prophesied Currently available for PlayStation 5 and PC), here are nine things you should know before you get started.

Cuff will automatically block enemies’ attacks

Beating decades of game design trends takes some getting used to, and Cuff’s defensive prowess isn’t impenetrable: you’ll still lose some health once in a while. However, when you are out of stamina (indicated by the diamond-shaped nodes above your health bar), cuff. This is when you should run and hide for a few seconds.

Yes, there is fall damage — sort of

Likewise, Cuff can protect you from some falls. If you have a full stamina bar, falling from a great height will deplete your stamina with no effect on your health. If your stamina runs out, you will take damage when you hit the ground. In other words, be careful when you’re fighting on a bridge!

Image: Luminous Productions/Square Enix via Polygon

Visit every pilgrim’s refuge

Hajj shelters prophesiedWay stations, chapels that act as places where you can travel quickly and heal yourself. There, you can also craft items and upgrade existing equipment. And if you interact with the tribune (located at the doorstep of each shelter), it will reveal unexplored locations in other parts of the map. But most importantly, you will get access to a Charm Library, which allows you to identify challenges that can improve your abilities.

Make sure you always have three active Enchantment Challenges

Spellcraft challenges are relatively straightforward, requiring you to complete a set number of actions (eg, “kill three flying enemies”) using a specific spell. Each time you complete a challenge, you will receive a permanent increase to your magic stats, as well as the power of the spell associated with it. You can juggle three at any time, and since it only takes 1.68 seconds to fast-track to a shelter, there’s no reason not to go three at all times.

Frey Holland stands near a magical crocodile on a sunny day in the PS5 action game Forspoken.

Spellcraft challenges add unnecessary clutter to the left side of your HUD.
Image: Luminous Productions/Square Enix via Polygon

Disable Spellcraft Menu (and Other Settings)

While you’re at it, go to Access settings and turn off View spellcraft challenge. When you have active spell challenges, each time you make progress towards one, prophesied A popup will appear detailing your progress towards the three challenges. There’s no tangible benefit to this visual clutter: once you’ve completed a spellcraft challenge, you’ll get a notification anyway, and can always check your progress toward any current challenges in the magic menu.

Beyond that, prophesied It features an impressive array of settings, allowing you to adjust everything from the visual mode to the challenge factor and even the repetition of Cuff’s grating dialogue. Below is a list of all the settings we recommend adjusting from scratch.

Unlock the support charm first

As you play, you will earn manaBasically prophesiedTakes on skill points. It’s tempting to spend mana on upgrading existing basic combat spells, but you’re better off unlocking new support spells (on the left side of the skill tree). All support spells – from stealing health tendrils to me distracted Small Tower – Very useful in early game battles. The sooner you open them, the easier life becomes.

Also, support magic is limited to cooldowns. Unlocking all 8 spells means you’ll always have at least one ready to go at any time.

Some tricks for the map…

By clicking the left thumb button, you can pull up a list of any fast travel sites you’ve unlocked. You can also select different points, which then appear as waypoints in your view. If you want to remove them all from your tags at once, just press triangle. Frustratingly, you can’t rotate the map in its default view. But if you zoom in all the way (with the right trigger) you will be able to rotate the area you are in.

The Forspoken map shows icons indicating points of interest in Athia, the open world setting.

Image: Luminous Productions/Square Enix via Polygon

Not everything in the open world is worth your time

prophesied It’s post-apocalyptic, which means its open world for the most part is conveniently devoid of characters (that is, anything really interesting and worth interacting with). You won’t get anything 100% special in a certain area either, so unless you’re a real complete boner, it’s not worth ticking every little box. However, some general points of interest should be on your radar:

  • antiquities: These structures will give you a permanent boost to one stat, and are generally easier to access.
  • Closed labyrinths: At the end of these dungeons, which culminate in a boss battle, you’ll get a new necklace or cloak. Over the prophesiedIt pays to accumulate as much equipment as possible, even if you don’t plan to use it. Each cloak and contract comes with a unique feature; Once unlocked, you can then apply this feature to other cloaks or necklaces at crafting stations. Since each piece of equipment comes with three perk slots, you can end up building some ridiculously powerful combos.
  • rosewood fountains: Each fountain will give you a new spell that you won’t be able to unlock through standard levels.
  • Some caves, towns and forts: Some are worth checking out, some are not. You can tell by the associated icon on your map. Anything with a plus will give you experience, key if you find yourself getting kicked in the current area. Rising Arrows rewards a stat boost – similarly useful, although you can get the same bonus from a Monument for half the effort. The most important symbols to look for are the symbols of a cloak, necklace, or stud. Anytime you clear one of those areas, you’ll get gear.

Frey Holland stands against some clouds in a wooded field on a bluebird day in the underrated PS5 action game Forspoken.

Image: Luminous Productions/Square Enix via Polygon

If you see clouds, tread carefully

As you explore Athens, you will come across cloudy areas. Within these areas, you’ll have seriously reduced visibility, with everything clouded by a blue swamp. Enemies, which you can locate by spotting purple dots floating in the fog, are also significantly more powerful. In return, you’ll generally earn a lot of XP, as well as rare gear. Make sure to save before entering!

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