The day before the developer forgets about the trademark game, it delays the release by nine months

Developer Fntastic has announced that The Day Before will not release as expected on March 1st. Instead, the zombie MMO is now set to release on November 10th.

What caused such a rather large delay? The developer claims they didn’t trademark the game’s name and now someone else has done it instead.

Last night, many of those who listed The Day Before on Steam noticed that it had been removed from the platform.

The latest trailer for The Day Before.

In addition to this disappearance, any previously existing links to the page, such as those in the YouTube description of the video above, will now take you to the Steam home page.

Initially, Fntastic claimed this was due to a “minor technical difficulty” which had “affected many titles in the past”. At this point, the developer has assured fans that everything is fine, and to be a little patient.

But fast forward a few hours, and Fntastic issued the following, somewhat unusual statement:

Dear Fans,

Right before release, Steam blocked our game page at the request of a private individual, due to the name The Day Before.

As you know, our game was announced in January 2021. At the time of the announcement, The Day Before branding was available.

“After announcing the game, the aforementioned person filed an application before us to register the trademark of The Day Before in the United States.” Then the developer shared a link to said brand for reasons.

And Fntastic went on to say that it wasn’t “aware of the allegations” previously, even though they apparently started in 2021. According to Fntastic, the developer only became aware of the allegations as recently as January 19th — that’s last week.

“Now we have found out all the circumstances of the incident and will definitely solve everything. We previously planned to publish a lengthy gameplay video later this month, but we will have to solve this problem first. We will publish a video as soon as possible,” the developer continued, before announcing a date The new launch of The Day Before November 10th.

“We understand that this may disappoint many of our fans, but we want to ensure we release the best possible match. Our focus remains 100 percent on the game itself and how to bring you the best possible match.”

The wording here has confused many, as many people have pointed out that delivering “the best possible game” is a phrase often used when things like gameplay mechanics need fine-tuning or bugs need to be ironed out. It’s not something you would expect to hear when it comes to filing a trademark only.

FantasticThe full statement.

In fact, The Day Before has been the source of many eyebrows since its announcement. Initially delayed because Fntastic wanted to port the game to a new engine, then it emerged last year that volunteers had been brought in to help develop the studio’s game.

At this time, the developer has stated that its culture is “based on the idea of ​​volunteering” and as such, “every Fntastic member is a volunteer” – paid or not. This wording has resulted in Fntastic defending its choice to use unpaid volunteers to develop its games. The company then explained that it had plans to hire some of its volunteers to work full time.

“This is a good example: recently, one of the first volunteers from the Netherlands became a full-time internal (staff) volunteer, and more will be recruited,” the developer told Eurogamer in June.

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