EastEnders teases the mystery of Sam Mitchell and Keanu Taylor

EastEnders spoilers follow,

EastEnders Phil Mitchell and Keanu Taylor’s plot against DCI provokes Keeble, though an unexpected secret involving Sam Mitchell could change everything.

It was revealed last week that Keanu returned to Walford as part of a secret plot with Phil to bring down Cable once and for all.

On Tuesday’s episode (Dec. 27), Phil is AWOL as Kat and others try to find out exactly what happened with him. Sam finds him at Peggy’s with an open bottle of alcohol.


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Sam tries to convince Phil that Kat’s last kiss with Alfie wasn’t enough to take away from their relationship or their sobriety.

In The Albert, Kat confronts Keanu about working in secret with Phil behind her back. Keanu warns Kat to stay out of it, but she insists she will figure everything out because she has “nothing to lose”.

Phil shows his face around the Mitchell house later, promising Kat that he’ll put her and the kids first from now on.

Soon, tensions are high as Keanu secretly meets up with Phil back in Arks to cut her out of the ever-growing circle of people who know they work together.

Eastender, Keanu


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Phil confronts Keanu for offloading their plan to Kat, then reveals that he has two shipments coming in from America that they will use to capture Keeble on a taping.

“Tell her. Get her to talk, push some buttons and get her to open up,” Phil demanded. “Let’s see what comes out of her big, fat, stupid mouth. Then, she records every word she says.”

When Keanu asked what was going to happen to Cable and suspected him of playing her, Phil replied, “After that, I’m going to start having serious doubts about you.

“I will wonder why you hang around at all.”

Keanu insisted he came back to see his son, so Phil promised he could stay as long as he wanted if he got Cable “due rights” for him.

Eastender, Sam


“But if I mess up…,” Phil slowed down as a worried Keanu left the garage.

More trouble arose when Sam Mitchell spotted Keanu leaving The Arches and invited Keanu to a private chat where she could confront him.

Sam accused Keanu of going back just to “get one” on her brother, only for Keanu to warn: “Don’t push me, Sam. We all have things we don’t want to reveal… You weren’t too upset about Phil all those months ago, were you?”

“You hit a nerve, didn’t you?”

Then Keanu insisted: “You really don’t want Phil to know about you and me in Spain.”

Can Sam keep this bomb under wraps?

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